First, I'd like to thank you for seeking out my website and viewing my photos. For those of you that don't already know me, my friends and family who do, will tell you that I'm hating every minute of having to sit and write about myself. But, for you to better understand who I am and what I'm about and most of all why you should choose me to record keepsakes of your most precious moments, I am more than willing to explain myself and why I chose to become a photographer. Pictures are so important. They help to remind you of what you looked like when you were a baby, what you looked like with a missing tooth, what your great-grandfather looked like.. etc.. etc.. My parents were avid picture takers even before the instant polaroid was invented and I can't tell you how invaluable those pictures are to me today. I followed suit in making sure I always had a roll of film in my camera and on hand at all times after my daughter was born in 1995. I wanted to have as many pictures of her as possible as she grew, I didn't want to miss a beat, and my pictures are proof that I did just that. But, it wasn't until about a year after my son was born in 2000 that I purchased my first "digital" camera. That is truly when the idea sparked that I would LOVE to learn to do this on a professional level. I love technology and the possibilites of photo creativity were endless! But, I put my dreams on hold to complete my nursing degree in 2003. In the meantime, life was happening, full time job, a husband, two children and all that comes with it. It wasn't until March of 2008 when I finally decided to invest in a professional camera. I started taking classes in September of 2008. I learned a lot from the classes, but like anything you study, until you're out there actually putting it into practice, you don't realize how much more it is you need to learn. So, for the past three years I've been lucky enough to have friends that have allowed me to take pictures of them or their children.. for better or for worse, it was the practice I've needed (thanks everyone ;) Some turned out great.. some.. not so great. But, again, practice makes perfect. I want perfection. I want breathtaking. I want you to love your pictures that same way I'd want to love pictures taken of me or my family. I think as a growing photographer that is my best quality. I truly CARE whether or not I fulfill your idea of the perfect photo. I pay close attention to detail because if you don't look good, I don't look good, right? So, if there's any reason to hire me as your photographer, it's because I know exactly what you expect from your photos and I will strive to always present you with my best work and my own personal touch. Perfection ;)